Upcycling used diapers

An eye-opening experience for me as a new parent was how many diapers we went through. Light days were only a handful, but some days were a dozen.

I know people who use cloth diapers because the idea of millions of these things a year going into landfills was unconscionable. It weighed heavy on me to throw away the plastics, but we lacked the systems to make cloth viable for our family. Keeping up with just clothes was tough enough.

Actually, due to the Wisdom of Repugnance, Ada would have difficulty reclaiming many of the diapers. Fleur lost 2-3 dozens of articles of clothing after blowouts where we gave up on getting them clean.

So the idea from this article taking the materials for concrete sand intrigues me. I hope it becomes an industry standard because it sounds awesome.


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