Feel Seen

Some television shows and movies make me feel like the writers wrote what they know: being a parent. Below are the ones that immediately came to mind. What are yours?

Anna from Disney's Frozen as a Mandalorian trooper
  • The Mandalorian
  • Bluey
  • Incredibles 2, specifically Jack-Jack with powers

In the Mandalorian, it is the exasperation of Din-Jarin when The Child, aka Baby Yoda aka “Toy” Yoda via Fleur, does something unexpected or against the directive.

In Bluey, it is the wildness of make believe games the dad gets roped into playing. When they kids name certain games, he gives that fatherly sigh I know so well.

In the Incredibles 2, during our worst sleep deprived state, we would watch Bob’s much worse lack of shut eye and not feel so bad for ourselves.


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